add a blog post in wordpress Websites

How to Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

How to Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

Add a blog post on WordPress Websites – When creating a website in WordPress, you first need to set up your website, increase its security, take care of loading speed and make all the settings accordingly, but after these settings, you have to post category and post category in it. Tags need to be created so that your website is easy to browse and categories and tags help your website to browse better.

Suppose you want to put a post about Facebook, then we put it in a category like an internet or social media related to Facebook, now we will tag the post on Facebook according to what this post is related to. Just post it on Facebook or at what point on Facebook this post is about, you can post it as per Facebook setting or if there is any trick about Facebook, you have to tag accordingly.

First of all, you have to go to your WordPress dress board, when you go to the dashboard you will get the option of New at the top and if you move the mouse to New then you will get the option of Post. On it or you are in the left sidebar. There you will see the post option and there you have to click on Add New on the post and the posting form will appear in front of you.

creating a new post

Add a blog post on WordPress Websites
Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

As you can see in the photo above, I have shown both ways, what you want to do and where the option to post a new post will come from, then you have to choose one of these two options and post on your phone. Where do you want to post?

Add a blog post on WordPress Websites
Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

As you can see in the photo above, I have made 15 points in this photo, you have to read all these points very carefully and if any of this information is wrong then you have to fill in the information or select it. You can edit it again, so check out these 15 points.

1. Post Title:

First, you have to write the name of the post, what is this post like “How to Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

2. Add Media:

After this add media If you want to add any photo video or audio in your post then you have to click on admit or click on the option you will see the media library where you will already see the photos on your website. When you see the uploaded file or another tab of the uploaded file, you have to click on that TAB and there you can upload the file from your computer or by selecting the Select Files option by clicking on your computer select the file, and import. It’s inside the post.

3. Visual:

Here you get two folds, Visual and Tax, with the help of which you can write your post. If you have knowledge of coding, you can go into text format to insert code in your post and you can drop it there. Any code and again you can come home and see it.

4. Text:

Tax is used for TAB coding as you mentioned in the visual, so if you know the coding, use the type of text, otherwise, you stay in the visual type and write your post.

5. Tools:

If you use Windows WordPad or Microsoft Office MCWord, you will find some similar options there so that when you write a post we use this option to display some special text in it or apply special symbols in it or we align our paragraphs. Uses these tools to do.

6. Text Area:

Here you have to give all the information about your post, whatever information you are giving about anything, write it here, whatever text you are writing will be written here.

7. Save Draft:

If you have written half a post and you want to write after half a post, you can leave it through Save Draft and you can edit it again, that is, we write a message on the phone and draft it. If you save it in the box, you can save the post in the draft box and then edit it again.

8. Status:

You do not need to change anything

9. Visibility:

If you want to keep your post private, only the login user can see it or you want to put a password on it, whoever has the password can see the post, then you can choose invisibility. This option. There are 3 options available: public password and private

10. Publish:

In this, you will get the option of Immediately, instead, you want to do this post in the future or you want to show this post in the past Want to do it automatically after 1 year, then you fill in the same date and this post will be done on the same day.

11. Preview:

If you feel that your post is complete but you want to see it once before it is made public, how it will look after it is made public, you can see the use of your post by clicking on the preview option. If there is any mistake, you can correct it and publish it later.

12. Publish:

Your post will be published as soon as you click on the option, everyone can see it, anyone who comes to your website can see this post, but before clicking on this option, you need to create. A category and now tag in it. If yes, first look at the following options, then just click on the published option.

13. Add a new category:

you have to click on the option and fill in the category name if your post is about Facebook then you can create a category internet or you can create social media as soon as you enter the category name. get the keyboard You have to press the Enter key.

14. Tags:

All you have to do is write a tag, for example, if your post is about a Facebook trick, you have to fill in the tag Facebook tricks, or if your post is related to something else, you just have to fill in the name of Facebook. Tag accordingly and collect on top of the ad.

15. Featured Image:

In this, you want to add a photo that will tell about your post like we put a thumbnail on a Youtube video. Similarly, we show that post in the feature image on the website. You also have to take a certain size because this photo will appear on your home page before it appears in your post, if this photo and the name of your post appear then its name. Post more photos in a way that makes the post feel like reading.

So these are the 15 points, before posting on your website, you should keep these 15 points in mind.

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