learn web designing from basics

how to learn web designing from basics

Website Design: how to learn web designing from basics, these simple tips will be helpful

learn web designing from basics – Before creating and hosting your website, you need to pay attention to its design, color, content, features, format, and interaction. Here we will give you all the information related to website design.


  • Only enter the accurate and relevant information on your website.

  • The web hosting account has a special role

  • Learn special tips for web designing here

Tips for improving website design:

A few seconds after they visit your website, your visitors can decide what your website is for. Can users easily navigate the blog as needed? Is your pricing easy to understand? Does your website have a low bounce rate? If the answers to these questions are not for you, then you need to pay attention to “learn web designing from basics”. Some people think that certain software or tools of a particular website can make a great website for them.

But no such magic software or tool exists. Creating a good website depends on your creativity, agility with technology, preparation, and hard work.

The site design should be simple and attractive

  • When designing, site visitors should focus on the information you want to provide. Such as your products, services, customer lists, facilities, etc.
  • If there is an original purpose behind creating any website, then that website should also appear at the top. If you are making a bicycle, the homepage should have a photo of your bicycle and key information related to it. The rest of the information can be given on the inside pages.

Website design and content rules

When designing a website, most people fill their website with color and animation, but it is not necessary that others like what you like. The design is considered better, which is liked by others, so keep these things in mind while designing-

  • Website visitors should get information about your work at a glance. No one will find them in other parts of the website.
  • Unnecessary animations, videos, images, music, etc. that are present on the website reduce the level of the site and distract people from one place to another. Such things only look good in children’s class projects. Yes, use them if they are relevant to your work.
  • Remember that not everyone who visits your website has a high-speed internet connection, so limit the size of the content you post on any web page. Check the file size of images, videos, animations, etc. that you want to add to the page.
  • You can also reduce the size of your photo file. For this, you can take the help of Photoshop or any website.

These tips are important with accurate and important information (how to improve website design)

  1. Only enter the accurate and relevant information on your website. There is no need to increase the number or size of pages unnecessarily, thinking that a large site will create your big image.
  2. Keep everything simple at the beginning of the website. New features, services, content, etc. Can be added later.
  3. Do not use the pop-up window (a separate browser window that opens when a link is clicked).
  4. The four most important components of any website are the purpose, design, content, and design or layout of the website. All four of these things require preparation and research before creating a website.
  5. If you want to build a good website, remember that the site opens quickly, is easy to navigate from page to page, always has the latest information, the website should never be shut down, and should be prominently visible in all search engines.
  6. The length and width (resolution) of web pages on a website should be such that they are visible on all monitor sizes. The page should not be so wide that people have to use scroll bars.
  7. Also, keep in mind that the domain name should never expire and neither should the web hosting account.

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