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How to create an about us page for a blog and what to write about us

How to create a page about us for a blog and what to write about us

If you are a blogger and you need information about How to create an about us page and what to write on the page about us for a blog, then we will give you complete step-by-step information in English to create an about us page.

Whether your blog is on Blogger or about us the WordPress page is the mainstay of our blog and through this page, people get information about our blog and about us.

What is the page about us in the blog?

All visitors to our blog, through our About Us page, find out who owns this blog, where they live, and what their education is.

At the same time, they try to find out if the blog owner’s biodata of the blog owner they visit is worth the kind of information they share here and whether they should trust that information.

Google also takes complete information about our blog and about us from our About page and this page is very useful for AdSense approval, without this page you can’t get Adsense.

Why is a page about us important in a blog?

If you want to make money by blogging and Google Adsense is a way to make money, then it is very important for your blog to have a page about us such as Contact Us, Privacy Policy.

If you do not create a page about us in your blog, you will not get Google Adsense approval because along with visitors, Google now also sees information about you through our About page.

So if you are thinking of getting Google AdSense approved, first of all, make these four pages good about us, contact us, privacy policy and term condition, then apply for Adsense.

How to create an about us page

By the way, you will find many tools on the internet for how to create a page about us, where you can create a page about us with your information in a few seconds, but I will never suggest you this method.

This is because the About Us page, created by Tools, contains incomplete information, which will not make your visitors happy or Google will not be able to get information about you.

That’s why we will give you step-by-step information on creating an about us page, where to write what, and how to write it and you yourself will be able to create your page about us after some time of hard work.

Create an about us page

Below we are going to tell you where you are going to write on the About Us page, where to start, and what to end, so let’s create a page about you.

About Us ‘About Us‘ means we write complete information about ourselves on our page so that visitors to our site as well as search engines can find out about the owner of the blog.

We are giving you an idea of ​​what to write on the page about us and while creating this page understand this idea and start writing on your page.

1. Write about yourself

First, you have to write About us in the title above, then for us (your site name – For Example Wsa Team) in the following heading and then you can put your photo under the heading.

If you do not want to post your photo, you can design one of our images and then write about yourself in the following paragraph as to where you are from, what is your name and when did you start your blog.

You also give your visitors information about your job study and lifestyle, which gives your visitors more confidence in you.

Also write down what your hobbies are, how much you’ve studied, and how many days you’ve been blogging. Now start writing about your site below.

2. Write about your site

Now start writing about your site in the second part of the About us page, like when you created this blog and where you got the idea of ​​blogging.

What is the topic of your blog, what topics do you write information on your blog, and what services do you provide on your blog?

Make it clear that your visitors will receive or pay for the information on your blog for free, and that it will benefit visitors to your site.

3. What is the language of your blog?

You tell your visitors the language of your blog, the language in which you write the blog post, and how much knowledge you have in that language.

The blog should be run in only one language, for example, if you write your blog in English, write down how much you know about English and why you chose this language.

4. Why you chose blogging

Tell us why you are blogging and how many years of blogging practice you have, as well as what you want to teach your visitors through blogging.

Your visitors want to see your experience, so tell us in detail how many days you have been practicing in the field of blogging.

5. How people can contact you

At the end of the About Us page, tell us how your visitors will contact you, you can also put a link to the Contact Us page or your business email here

6. Put your social profile link on the About Us page

You can request your visitors to follow you on those accounts by leaving links on your social profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

The name of your blog should be the same as the name of your other social profile so that your visitors will continue to trust you.

By providing a link to your social account, as your blog grows in popularity, so do your other social accounts.

And your visitors go to your other social media accounts through your blog and browse the images, videos, or any other content you share there and they can contact you from there too.

Lastly, you need to ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog. If your visitors like the information provided on our About Us page, they will definitely subscribe to your blog.

7. Write about us page in simple language.

Whatever language your blog is in, you write in that language in such a way that your visitors can understand well what is written.

Do not make the written thing too difficult, which will cause difficulty in reading, even an ordinary person of that language should read about us very easily and write in this way.

Now you’re about us page is ready, now if you want, you can add it to your blog, for this all you have to do is to go to the pages and publish it as you publish the article.

how to add an about us page in the blog

By the way, you must have come across this process “how to add an about us page in the blog” and if you do not know this, then we also know this small process.

First of all, login to your blogger’s das board, then click on the pages on the left side, then all the pages you have already created will be visible here.

Now click above add new and write about us in the title then write about us for (your site name – For Example Wsa Team) in the heading below.

Then you will copy and paste all the things you wrote about us in the paragraph below and then publish the page after linking the social media accounts.

how to add an about us page in the WordPress 

Just like you published the about us page on blogger, you can publish the about us page on WordPress blog as well.

For this, you will log in to your WordPress admin panel and click on the pages and then the same process will remain the same in Blogger as mentioned above and by doing this you will be able to add the about us page in the WordPress blog as well.

Whether your blog is on blogger or on WordPress, having pages in the blog is as important as it is necessary to have Adsense approval to earn from Adsense.

Through pages, people are able to know about you or the policy and term condition of your site, and Google also gets all this information through your pages.

So if you are going to send your blog for Adsense approval, then make the first four pages connect us, about us, privacy policy, terms condition Only after making these four pages well, your site should be sent for approval.

So here we learned How to create an about us page and also learned how to add an about us page in the blog and also took information on what to write about us.

It is always our endeavor that the visitor of our site gets complete information and for this, we keep updating our posts continuously.

If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post How to create an about us page then definitely reach out below the comment box and definitely share your opinion on how to add an about us page in the blog.

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add a blog post in wordpress Websites

How to Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

How to Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

Add a blog post on WordPress Websites – When creating a website in WordPress, you first need to set up your website, increase its security, take care of loading speed and make all the settings accordingly, but after these settings, you have to post category and post category in it. Tags need to be created so that your website is easy to browse and categories and tags help your website to browse better.

Suppose you want to put a post about Facebook, then we put it in a category like an internet or social media related to Facebook, now we will tag the post on Facebook according to what this post is related to. Just post it on Facebook or at what point on Facebook this post is about, you can post it as per Facebook setting or if there is any trick about Facebook, you have to tag accordingly.

First of all, you have to go to your WordPress dress board, when you go to the dashboard you will get the option of New at the top and if you move the mouse to New then you will get the option of Post. On it or you are in the left sidebar. There you will see the post option and there you have to click on Add New on the post and the posting form will appear in front of you.

creating a new post

Add a blog post on WordPress Websites
Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

As you can see in the photo above, I have shown both ways, what you want to do and where the option to post a new post will come from, then you have to choose one of these two options and post on your phone. Where do you want to post?

Add a blog post on WordPress Websites
Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

As you can see in the photo above, I have made 15 points in this photo, you have to read all these points very carefully and if any of this information is wrong then you have to fill in the information or select it. You can edit it again, so check out these 15 points.

1. Post Title:

First, you have to write the name of the post, what is this post like “How to Add a blog post on WordPress Websites

2. Add Media:

After this add media If you want to add any photo video or audio in your post then you have to click on admit or click on the option you will see the media library where you will already see the photos on your website. When you see the uploaded file or another tab of the uploaded file, you have to click on that TAB and there you can upload the file from your computer or by selecting the Select Files option by clicking on your computer select the file, and import. It’s inside the post.

3. Visual:

Here you get two folds, Visual and Tax, with the help of which you can write your post. If you have knowledge of coding, you can go into text format to insert code in your post and you can drop it there. Any code and again you can come home and see it.

4. Text:

Tax is used for TAB coding as you mentioned in the visual, so if you know the coding, use the type of text, otherwise, you stay in the visual type and write your post.

5. Tools:

If you use Windows WordPad or Microsoft Office MCWord, you will find some similar options there so that when you write a post we use this option to display some special text in it or apply special symbols in it or we align our paragraphs. Uses these tools to do.

6. Text Area:

Here you have to give all the information about your post, whatever information you are giving about anything, write it here, whatever text you are writing will be written here.

7. Save Draft:

If you have written half a post and you want to write after half a post, you can leave it through Save Draft and you can edit it again, that is, we write a message on the phone and draft it. If you save it in the box, you can save the post in the draft box and then edit it again.

8. Status:

You do not need to change anything

9. Visibility:

If you want to keep your post private, only the login user can see it or you want to put a password on it, whoever has the password can see the post, then you can choose invisibility. This option. There are 3 options available: public password and private

10. Publish:

In this, you will get the option of Immediately, instead, you want to do this post in the future or you want to show this post in the past Want to do it automatically after 1 year, then you fill in the same date and this post will be done on the same day.

11. Preview:

If you feel that your post is complete but you want to see it once before it is made public, how it will look after it is made public, you can see the use of your post by clicking on the preview option. If there is any mistake, you can correct it and publish it later.

12. Publish:

Your post will be published as soon as you click on the option, everyone can see it, anyone who comes to your website can see this post, but before clicking on this option, you need to create. A category and now tag in it. If yes, first look at the following options, then just click on the published option.

13. Add a new category:

you have to click on the option and fill in the category name if your post is about Facebook then you can create a category internet or you can create social media as soon as you enter the category name. get the keyboard You have to press the Enter key.

14. Tags:

All you have to do is write a tag, for example, if your post is about a Facebook trick, you have to fill in the tag Facebook tricks, or if your post is related to something else, you just have to fill in the name of Facebook. Tag accordingly and collect on top of the ad.

15. Featured Image:

In this, you want to add a photo that will tell about your post like we put a thumbnail on a Youtube video. Similarly, we show that post in the feature image on the website. You also have to take a certain size because this photo will appear on your home page before it appears in your post, if this photo and the name of your post appear then its name. Post more photos in a way that makes the post feel like reading.

So these are the 15 points, before posting on your website, you should keep these 15 points in mind.

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learn web designing from basics

how to learn web designing from basics

Website Design: how to learn web designing from basics, these simple tips will be helpful

learn web designing from basics – Before creating and hosting your website, you need to pay attention to its design, color, content, features, format, and interaction. Here we will give you all the information related to website design.


  • Only enter the accurate and relevant information on your website.

  • The web hosting account has a special role

  • Learn special tips for web designing here

Tips for improving website design:

A few seconds after they visit your website, your visitors can decide what your website is for. Can users easily navigate the blog as needed? Is your pricing easy to understand? Does your website have a low bounce rate? If the answers to these questions are not for you, then you need to pay attention to “learn web designing from basics”. Some people think that certain software or tools of a particular website can make a great website for them.

But no such magic software or tool exists. Creating a good website depends on your creativity, agility with technology, preparation, and hard work.

The site design should be simple and attractive

  • When designing, site visitors should focus on the information you want to provide. Such as your products, services, customer lists, facilities, etc.
  • If there is an original purpose behind creating any website, then that website should also appear at the top. If you are making a bicycle, the homepage should have a photo of your bicycle and key information related to it. The rest of the information can be given on the inside pages.

Website design and content rules

When designing a website, most people fill their website with color and animation, but it is not necessary that others like what you like. The design is considered better, which is liked by others, so keep these things in mind while designing-

  • Website visitors should get information about your work at a glance. No one will find them in other parts of the website.
  • Unnecessary animations, videos, images, music, etc. that are present on the website reduce the level of the site and distract people from one place to another. Such things only look good in children’s class projects. Yes, use them if they are relevant to your work.
  • Remember that not everyone who visits your website has a high-speed internet connection, so limit the size of the content you post on any web page. Check the file size of images, videos, animations, etc. that you want to add to the page.
  • You can also reduce the size of your photo file. For this, you can take the help of Photoshop or any website.

These tips are important with accurate and important information (how to improve website design)

  1. Only enter the accurate and relevant information on your website. There is no need to increase the number or size of pages unnecessarily, thinking that a large site will create your big image.
  2. Keep everything simple at the beginning of the website. New features, services, content, etc. Can be added later.
  3. Do not use the pop-up window (a separate browser window that opens when a link is clicked).
  4. The four most important components of any website are the purpose, design, content, and design or layout of the website. All four of these things require preparation and research before creating a website.
  5. If you want to build a good website, remember that the site opens quickly, is easy to navigate from page to page, always has the latest information, the website should never be shut down, and should be prominently visible in all search engines.
  6. The length and width (resolution) of web pages on a website should be such that they are visible on all monitor sizes. The page should not be so wide that people have to use scroll bars.
  7. Also, keep in mind that the domain name should never expire and neither should the web hosting account.

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